The Hiking Guide

There are over 2 miles of hiking trails at the rock house and the Katy trail is only a few miles to the south so there are many opportunities for hiking. Check out this hiking guide tips to make a hike fun for all.

Campfire Traditions

Everyone has a different take on campfire fun. Here are a few ideas to get you started with your planning. We also included some ideas for opening ceremonies that will get your retreat onn fo a great start.

Wildlife viewing tips and tricks

Wildlife viewing can be fun and challanging. Here are some ideas to get you started. Remember to be patient. Deer and turkeys like thier space.

Fishing Guide

The 5 acre lake at the Rock House is the perfect size for new fisherman and avid sportsman alike. This guide to fishing the Rock house lake should be helpful and allow you to get ready to take your first fishing trip with a kid or on your own.

Bike The Trails

Thousands of people bike the Katy Trail each year. The Rock House is located 10 minutes from the Rock Island spur. You are more than welcome to head out and get some miles in or ride the miles of trails that are on the property. here’s a quick guide.

Treasure Hunt Guide

There are a number of treasure caches on the 80 acre property at the Rock House. There is a downloadable map and instruction for the treasure hunt. There is also a PDF to help you to create your own stroyline and adventure for the excursion.


At the Rock House you will find dozens of board games, card games, and party games in the house and a bunch of games in the garage for setting outdoors. here is a quick rundown of the opportunities we have furnished.

Food fun

Check out our full list of cooking and grilling equipment. weather you’re visiting for a weekend  or staying for the whole week, we have everything you will need to create great meals with your group. Bring your own food or head to one of the local venders for you cooking needs.

Tournament Time

Many families love competition. We have provided some tournament guides and brackets so you can keep track of your fun at all times. This list of ideas is definitly not exhaustive but should get your creative juices flowing.